Bridal Store Complete Employee Handbook

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This comprehensive 27 page Employee Handbook for Bridal Store Owners contains all of the policies and procedures needed for your bridal store. It has been updated to include sections on discrimination and illness related to Covid-19. It is in a downloadable Word Document format so that you can customize it by filling in your logo and company name and update any policies that are specific to your store/state.  It contains 4 sections already completed, including : Introduction (including mission and values to be filled out by you) , Employment Policies (including discrimination, sick and leave of absence policies and a Leave of Absence Request Form), Standard of Conduct (including dress code, social media and internet and drug use policies), Handbook Acknowledgment (to have signed by your employees for your personnel files).

**it is recommended that you review this with Handbook with your attorney to ensure that it is in compliance with your State laws.

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