The Series 2.0

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If you're new to The Series, this is for you!
This series of 12 downloadable videos (13 if you include our bonus video!) is intended to educate independent bridal store owners on the most efficient way to run their bridal store and to train their associates on product knowledge and selling techniques in order to elevate their brand, the level of service in their store, and ultimately to increase their sales.  This Series is a combination of both our Store Owner Bundle (5 videos plus a bonus) as well as our Sales Training Bundle (7 videos) and is being offered at a special discount when ordered together as The Series 2.0!

Store Owner Bundle: (Normally $199)

  • Video 1: Running a Successful Bridal Store – Includes a roadmap for a business plan, suggested key business advisors, advice on hiring, training and retaining staff, developing time saving procedures, and managing inventory and cash flow. 
  • Video 2: Creating a Memorable Shopping Experience  - Includes Guidance for identifying your target bride, making a lasting impression on your clients, engaging the five senses and developing procedures to ensure a consistent client experience.
  • Video 3: Characteristics of Top Performing Bridal Consultants Key characteristics to look for when hiring staff and skills to hone in your current sales associates.
  • Video 4: Identifying and Creating your Competitive Advantage – This video assist you in creating a competitive advantage that will make your business stand out above and beyond your competition.
  • Video 5: Hiring & Retaining Staff – Finding the right sales associates can be like finding the Holy Grail! This video walks you through tips for hiring the right people and provides guidance on how to retain them.
  • Bonus Video {Complimentary with The Series purchase} - Demystifying the Styled Shoot – Beth Chapman and renowned photographer, Mary Marantz discuss how to create a styled shoot, their benefits and common missteps in shoot planning and how to avoid them.

Sales Training Bundle: (Normally $249)

  • Video 1: Product Knowledge Training - Includes training on gown silhouettes, fabrics, fit and veil widths, shapes, length and edges.
  • Video 2: Sales Training- Selling in Sensitive Situations  **this video is currently being updated and will be sent at a later date. 
  • Video 3: Sales Training- Common Sales Roadblocks and How to Avoid Them
  • Video 4: Sales Training- Closing the Sale- An overview of art of selling
  • Video 5: Sales Training - Closing the Sale on the First Visit
  • Video 6: Sales Training - The Art of the Tailor Selling approach: selling to different personality types
  • Video 7: Sales Training - Getting the sale in 90 minutes or less

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